Xbox Game Pass Is Getting INSANE... - Bethesda Games UPDATED, Outriders Day One Game Pass, & MORE!

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Is getting insane or has it always been? Regardless, Game Pass is hitting a major stride in 2021. After 20 Bethesda games were dumped onto the service, this morning we received news that Outriders is our next Day One Game Pass addition. The amount of value here is hard to argue, but the main question continues to be "how long will this last?" For now, I applaud the price point and continued exciting offerings from Xbox.
Xbox's BIG March Event May Have Just LEAKED:


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Intro: 00:00 - 2:47
Bethesda Games Updated: 2:48 - 5:19
Outriders Day One Game Pass: 5:20 - 9:42
The Frequent Additions: 9:43 - 12:36
PC Woes: 12:37 - 14:49
Is Game Pass Sustainable?: 14:50 - 18:16
Outro: 18:17 - 19:14
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