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In this video I’m Presenting a new game #! The Games part of Mall !& It’s our Second episode &also I’m Coming with my new look at this ! Episode name We r Playing Mall Tycoon episode-2. presenting on my channel Azad !In this game Video also playing with my Son & sister in law Zeba ..!! Everyone love this game & one of the favourite games app in ! Build your own mall ..!make like a Awesome and Beautiful ????..!Mostly everyone knows about this !It’s a one of the best games of people like this it’s have lot of awesome games also have exciting part of this game !I just started & !its so funny or entertainment games. Games rules-In the piggy selection each of the games !Piggy have many options of kill or affects games participate every u r player , u most hide from piggy u can also become a piggy next !its just safe from !than u can win & piggy !thats it’s .guys should try and play this game’!!maybe you loved this game. I love playing try to play Different types of achieve different kinds of !i thinks everyone loves playing like a game have different kinds of skins. You can Change won skins when you are a lots of funny skins,And have lots of secrets, when you playing this game You can know everything about
this !Really it’s soo Funny like this viewers you playing well you can makes buy more exciting items for easy to play and fun !You can also Challenge !you can use secret code & show in have hidden objects or let’s play & enjoyed the ! Best of luck.”Thanks for !Love|Share|Like|Subscribe!

This video is Child Friendly/kid Friendly/Family !

Audio:-Self voice & Roblox game Music

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