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Spamming ➔ Warning then if continued, timeout.
Swearing ➔ Done constantly is a timeout, if said once, unknowingly, warning and message deletion
Advertising ➔ Warn and message deletion.
Harassing/bullying ➔ Ask to stop, but if you don't, timeout.
Begging for robux/moderator ➔ Warning, then if continued timeout.

Omar Bucks Commands:
Omar Bucks Store:
!bucks- Displays the amount of Omar Bucks the user has
!top- Displays a list of Top users based on Omar Bucks.
!tophours- Displays a list og Top users based on hours.
!redeem- Allows viewers to redeem items from the Omar Bucks Store through chat.

!gamble Allow viewers to gamble with their Omar Bucks by rolling a 100 sided die
!8ball (write yes or no question)- Streamlabs responds with an answer.
!duel (username) (points)- allows players to duel each other for Omar Bucks.
!accept- accepts a duel.
!deny- denies a duel.
!cancel- cancels an initiated duel.
!slots- Allows viewers to gamble their Omar Bucks on a slot machine
!heist- Allows viewers to work together and go on an adventure to earn extra Omar Bucks
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