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Rules for the livestream:

0) This stream has at least a 20 second delay. It can be more than a 20 second delay depending on the internet.
1) I can't always read the chat immediately after you sent out a message. Just give me a minute to read the stream chat.
2) You may request a game for me to play, chances of me for playing your suggestions is VERY slim if I'm currently playing games with my friends. If a donation is made for me to play a game you've requested, I will switch to that game. (Applies to Roblox Games)
3) Please try to be respectful towards one another. If I do see any drama happening in the chat, I'll resort to disciplinary actions (Timeout, or Ban depending on how bad the situation is.)
4) This is not a family friendly stream. You will hear a lot of curse words from either me or most of my friends. You have been warned.

Support the stream (Donation Link):

- Any type of donations is greatly appreciated. This will go towards any donation goal that I have on stream. Donations are non-refundable however.

Discord Link:

Top 10 Donators:
1) TylerRoberts928 - $
2) H_Bomb22 - $
3) Exoryn - $
4) ALEX - $20
5) Robloxgamer - $12
6) Optimal H - $
7) Foxable - $6
8) Cadet Strudel - $
T9) Nick - $5
T9) Drago - $5

Warning: My stream can severely lag due to having a cheap router & modem, and my internet provider crashes sometimes.
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