Playing Friday Night Funkin but in ROBLOX / FNF

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Hello , I am Max , And i upload roblox videos, like gameplays or walkthrought too , sooo you welcome to my channel!!!! ( d¬_¬b )
The game i played:
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Making a discord too !!(O ^ ~ ^ O)  
Roblox gamer :-P
Sometimes toxic lol(~_~メ) 
Give me recommendations too!!! ๑•ิ.•ั๑
Tags : Roblox, Roblox gameplay , gameplay , Noob, No , Simulator , Free to play game

Developer (s) ninjamuffin99
Artist (s)
Composer (s) Kawai Sprite
Permissions :
Little info, you have FULL PERMISSION to stream, letsplay, meme, shitpost, do WHATEVER you want with the game.
Use the music in videos you do, use art, ANYTHING. GO CRAZY BRO. - Friday Night Funkin file

No one of this have copy right
High Effort Ugh (feat. Tankman) - Creator = Rozebud
Not copying anything from this , all credits already given here and in the video.
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