Netwatch Vs The Voodoo Boys | Unlimited Street Cred + XP + Loot | Cyberpunk 2077 | Patch 1.23

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In this video we explore the consequences of partnering with the Netwatch in the ‘I walk the line’ Questline and overthrowing The Voodoo Boys.

With the added bonus of gaining an unlimited amount of XP, Street Cred and Eddies. The only thing stopping you is time.

00:00 - Video Intro
01:05 - Channel Intro
01:21 - ‘I Walk the Line’ brief Quest Walkthrough
02:43 - Route Location and Video Explanation
03:48 - General Farming Route
08:40 - Endgame Pacifica Farming Route
15:38 - Final thoughts
17:00 - Thank you and Outro

Sasquatch Exploit Video:

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