MOST EPIC Cyberpunk Music [AMAZING Ambient Atmosphere] A Bargain For Your Eears!

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Blade Runner Blues II Maybe?? Nah, but it sure have those Blade Runner vibes going on. It's nonetheless one of my best ones, and I think that I capture the atmosphere perfectly here. Bold title? Perhaps, but I'm willing to say, that as a Blade Runner and Vangelis fan, this is not far from true! I take pride in my work so I apologize if I may come out as a bombastic douche. Either way, I hope you dig, and if you doo, please subscribe to my channel.
this epic cyberpunk ambient has an amazing ambient atmosphere and is a bargain for your ears. This cyberpunk music is a 45 min non repetitive ambient song/journey. It can also be used as music for deep relaxation, music for deep meditation, music for stress relief, music for coding, music for art, music for reading, music for working. It's up to you to decide how you use it.

I was born during a time when nuclear plants exploded, when walls fell, when the economy crashed and when the tech boom happened. I was to young to remember, but what I do remember, is when I saw Blade Runner for the first time! It was in my dad's gloomy apartment in Fruängen/Sweden. The music of enigma was playing softly in the background. Light rays was shining through the blinds, and I was laying in a huge, comfy water bed. Earlier, I had randomly picked one of my dads many vhs tapes and placed it in what must've been the bulkiest of VCR's. The tube was a mini STAR 416, and through that static screen and almost unwatchable quality, magic was born!!

Thank you all for listening to my music. It has helped me getting closer to my goals. Many thanks hope I've earned your subscription. It means more than you think. For sure!
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I have an immense respect for Vangelis's original work and I do not compare my music with it whatsoever. I have never stated that and never will! I simply use it as an inspirational source. So, for those of you that don't like what I doo, please listen to the Blade Runner OST instead :)

If you want a channel that is more or less dedicated to the ambient synth genre, then you have found it! I create long, atmospheric and cinematic ambient chillwave/cyberpunk synth drones and I have a decade worth of professional experience as a sound designer, which assures YOU, as a listener, great audio quality everytime I release a new video.
All my music is mixed for headphones ???? for best experience.
Also, if you like the mysterious, moody and electronically chilling music from the Blade Runner soundtracks, then my channel is definately something for you :)

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Chillwave/Synthwave/Retrowave Music:




Programs & equipment!

Propellerhead Reason
Waves Plugins

Premiere Pro
After Effects (Created these visuals in AE)


Nikon D750
Sony PCM D100
Zoom H family
Galaxy S9
Shure SRH1540

All music on this channel is not to be used without permission. It's made for this channel only.

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