Investigating Gang and NCPD Pursuit/Chase AI in the Open World - Cyberpunk 2077 (Patch 1.31)

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Testing the existing pursuit/chase mechanics and AI in Cyberpunk patch , including gang chases (Maelstrom, Tyger Claws, 6th Street, Veteran Guards, Raffen Shiv) and NCPD.
I'm sure there's plenty more events with pursuing enemies so I just tested the ones that I remembered off hand. If I find more during my current playthrough or in subsequent ones I may showcase those as well.

Cyberpunk 2077 Playlist:

Other notes/thoughts:
- As mentioned in the video I feel like some form of these chases (or possibly everything in its entirety) have been around from release and I personally didn't notice because it's quite counter intuitive to drive away when you can just defeat enemies.
- I'm not sure if these are the chases that people are referring to, but they were fun to play around with anyways!
- They're pretty derpy and drive like roombas or drunk gonks at times but I had a good laugh at that.
- It'd be interesting to see these used more in the game however I have no idea how they'd function on consoles.
- I feel like it'd be cool to see them driving around their respective turfs or ambushing the player if they were caught/detected mid mission. I felt like I saw Tygerclaws driving around at release but wasn't recording at the time.

Example of chases prior to :

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