Cyberpunk 2077 Part 4 - Prologue Xbox One X Game-play (No Commentary) #Xbox #V #Jackie

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This is still the prologue i know i know you're all thinking hurry up with this dame prologue don't worry nearly there.

Original Soundtrack --Cyberpunk 2077 by: Marcin Przybyłowicz.


0:00 Meet Up
1:00 Follow Jackie
1:55 At The After-Life
4:33 Follow The Bouncer
5:54 Learning About The Job / The Offer
8:22 Checking In
17:30 Setting Up The Flathead
25:17 Waiting For Tbug
28:00 The Penthouse / Grab The Relic
29:55 Father & Son
36:14 Get The F Out
40:15 Escape To The Elevator
46:29 Keep Jackie Talking
47:42 Clear The Lobby
50:35 Clear The Garage
53:17 Jackie We Did It

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