Wall ball crossfit

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Wall balls are a grueling part of any Crossfit WO here are ways to help you improve and smash through them in your next workout. Wall Ball Efficiency – Duration: 6:25. CrossFit Exercise Demos: Wall Ball and Karen – 1wall balls for time.

CrossFit Wall Ball Shot – Northstate CrossFit certified trainer shows how to do a proper Wall Ball Shot. What’s the height of the target for wall-ball shots? What’s the weight of the medicine ball for wall-ball shots?

So technically its 14lbs to 10′ if were doing the of mens RX.

However I see some places doing 14lbs RX to an 8′ for women or 12lbs to 10′ . For his wall ball to considered vali all he had to do was to hit the target somewhere. If I’m not mistaken, then that means he could have had . Wall ball is one of the staple exercises in CrossFit. This week let’s go over the movement basics.