Products with microbeads

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Which products contain microplastic ingredients and which not? In the below overview you can choose the country to find out if products in the respective country . Plastic microbeads in personal care products are so small that wastewater plants can’t filter them, and the beads end up in the ocean. ENVIRONMENTALISTS are calling for a ban on the use of microbeads in everyday bathroom products such as toothpaste and face washes. The Microbeads products are carefully engineered to meet industry requirements whether it is size, refractive index, surface structure, compability, density or . No, polyethylene micro beads are no longer used in any of our products.

Microplastics may be small, but they’re causing big problems for our environment and our health.

These tiny pieces of plastic used in personal care products are . Microbeads in body scrubs, toothpastes, beauty products and other everyday household products could be banned from the end of next year . A single cleansing product can contain as many as 360plastic microbeads that wash straight into the ocean and harm sea life. The Government must bring in a full ban on plastic “microbeads” in all household and beauty products that are washed down the drain, .