Mac mini 2017

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Gå til Will the Mac mini 20have a new design? It’s possible that the 20Mac mini will get a new design. We’re not expecting a major visual or build .

However, Apple remained tight lipped about the Mac mini, beyond noting that it’s an important. Also, remember the date: April 2017. Apple May Be Working on 8K Display and New High-End Mac Mini.

Thursday April 2011:am PDT by Joe Rossignol.

Apple recently said it is working on . Mac mini er et kraftsenter som ikke bare er snill mot lommeboken, men som i tillegg rommer hele Mac-opplevelsen – på 1kvadratcentimeter. Details are even more vague around the Mac mini, Apple’s other desktop Mac that was last updated in 2014. What’s going on with the Mac mini, Apple’s smallest desktop computer?

Updated April 2017: Added information from the Mac Pro interview and . Apple is breaking my heart with the Mac mini.