Lamp oil osrs

Lamp oil is obtained by distilling Swamp tar, using the lamp oil still located in the Chemist’s. Lamp oil stills can be found in the Chemist’s House in Rimmington and near Miltog’s stall in. Oil lamps are a light source for use in dark places. Like all low-quality light sources, it is.

As of September 201 an update happened to the emerald lantern. This update made it that you now have to fill. Go to Rimmington with swamp tar, use it on the lamp-oil.

Quick guide on how to get oil into lamps and lanterns! Old School RuneScape OSRS Detailed Quest. To make Lamp Oil, use some Swamp tar which you can pick up from Lumbridge Swamps, with the ‘Lamp Oil Still’ in the chemist in rimmington.

I need some lamp oil but I am kinda lost at this point. Note: Don’t forget to grab your Lamp oil, tinderbox!