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A fontanelle (or fontanel) (colloquially, soft spot) is an anatomical feature of the infant human skull comprising any of the soft membranous gaps (sutures) . Anterior_fontanelleBufretLignendeOversett denne sidenThe anterior fontanelle (bregmatic fontanelle, frontal fontanelle) is the largest fontanelle, and is placed at the junction of the sagittal suture, coronal suture, and . Fontanellen er open og synleg ved fødsel, og er trekt med ein hard membran der issebeina.

Pannefontanellen, den store fontanellen (fonticulus anterior), er eit . Fontanel (fontanelle): The word fontanel comes from the French fontaine for fountain. The medical term fontanel is a soft spot of the skull. The soft spots are known as fontanelles.

There are two fontanelles on your baby’s head and they may vary in size slightly. The soft spot on the back of your . There are two fontanelles (the space between the bones of an infant’s skull where the sutures intersect) that are covered by tough membranes. The diagnosis of an abnormal fontanel requires an understanding of the wide variation of normal. At birth, an infant has six fontanels.

Fontanelles are membranous areas that have not yet ossified in the developing cranial vault of neonatal and juvenile animals.