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Stay updated with announcements, get from the support team and share your feature suggestions with us. You can also submit a request or send us an .

The Evoko Room Manager is a system for booking and managing rooms. Now we are launching the next generation room manager: Evoko Liso. You get decision-making support that truly cuts cost by analyzing statistics in the web . FIND MORE INFORMATION IN OUR DOWNLOAD CENTER.

Hassle-free meetings with decision-making support. A touch-screen solution for all your meeting rooms.

Evoko Liso and Evoko Groupie – winners of the Red Dot Award. The Evoko support has moved back home to our headquarters in Sweden. Evoko Home Installation on Windows server. The Evoko Room Manager, our room-booking solution with touch-sensitive screens that . The Evoko Room Manager communicates with the MS Exchange Server in a way.

Evoko Room Manager specialists in your area. The Evoko Room Manager simply consists of an touch-sensitive screen that is placed on the wall outside of the meeting room. Download and products support for Interactive LED panels, Evoko Room Manager.

Luka, the CTO of Visionect, the makers of Joan Meeting Room Assistant here. While both Joan and Evoko support installation on non-traditional materials such as glass, Joan’s wall mounting kit comes down to a simple .