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Krokket, også skrevet croquet, er et spill hvor man benytter en håndholdt kølle for å slå kuler av plast eller tre gjennom bøyler festet i bakken. CroquetBufretLignendeOversett denne sidenCroquet is a sport that involves hitting plastic or wooden balls with a mallet through hoops embedded in a grass playing court. BufretLignendeSiste nytt fra croquet norge.

Hva skjer i norge innen sporten, hva skjer i utlandet. Fulll oversikt over NM og andre turneringer. Noen kaller croquet for krocket, . Download a brief printable version of the Official Rules of Garden and Golf Croquet rules.

Asheet in colour, actual size, sided). The game of croquet (pronounced crow-KAY) is a tradition of backyard recreation in America, as well as a sport that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Croquet enthusiast and outdoors lover, talks about the rules and basics of playing Croquet in this free. Covers all aspects of croquet including equipment, lawn care and construction, laws, refereeing, tournament, management, technical papers, health and safety, .