Coccus lacca

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Kerria lacca is a species of insect in the family Kerriidae, the lac insects. Coccus lacca Kerr, 1782; Coccus ficus Fabricius, 1787; Chermes lacca Roxburgh, 1791; Carteria lacca Signoret, 1874; Lakshadia indica Mahdihassan, . From , the free encyclopedia.

Shellac, Resin from India (SKU 0527). Shellac is used in orthodox medicine to coat tablets, in Chinese medicine for bleeding, and by Unani . By: Madison Bell Medicinal Uses of Shellac Shellac is approved by the FDA and used in many pharmacutical . A resinous substance produced mainly on the banyan tree, but to some extent on other trees, by the Laccifer lacca (formerly Coccus lacca), a scale-shaped .

Lac is a slick serum and secretion from a scale insect species Laccifer lacca. These insects suck the sap of several plants and bushes and . Find a Christian Walter (2) – Coccus Lacca first pressing or reissue. Complete your Christian Walter (2) collection. Type species: Coccus lacca Kerr, by monotypy and original designation.

Unavailable name; discovered by Lindinger, 1933b: 228.