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Canva for Work makes it easy to create beautiful on-brand marketing materials,presentations and social media graphics for every organisation. Samarbei design og rediger sammen med teamet ditt. Oppgrader kostnadsfritt i dager .

After a free 30-day trial, a Canva for Work subscription costs $USper month per team member. You can choose whether to pay monthly or annually. I have been using Canva for quite a while now and it is my daily driver for content design.

It is not that it is expensive to upgrade.

I’m super excited to share the details of Canva for Work! I’ve been using these amazing features as they’ve been working on them at Canva. Learn the key differences are between Canva and Canva for Work. Your brand can have a more consistent look, while your team work more . Update: Canva for Work has changed its dashboard layout. However, the features mentioned in this post remain the same.

In this screencast, we will explore Canva for Work, the pai professional version of Canva, a free grapics. Here’s a final sneak peak of one of our most requested Canva for Work features: Brand Templates! Which of these Canva for Work features.

Creating professional graphics is not a skill set that everyone has, but online design platform Canva wants to change that.