Art deco buildings

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Gå til Architecture – The architectural style of art deco made its debut in Paris in 1903-0 with the construction of two apartment buildings in Paris, one by . List_of_Art_Deco_architectureBufretLignendeOversett denne sidenThis is a list of buildings that are examples of Art Deco. Art Deco rose to popularity in the 1920s and ’30s, making its way around the world from France to New York to Shanghai.

A creative but short-lived movement, Art Deco not only influenced the architecture of most American cities but had an impact on fashion, art, and furniture, too. Architecture was also having a glorious moment. Art Deco emerged as the era’s defining style, characterized by bold geometries and dramatic . This week (February 17-21) Napier in New Zealand hosts its annual Art Deco Festival.

The city’s architecture is a major tourist attraction, . In our series on architectural movements and styles, Melissa Harrison explains Art Deco architecture using key examples throughout the . We’ve heard about Art Deco as an architectural style, with its stream-lined surfaces, linear and geometric shapes, and symmetry. Art Deco was an art and architecture movement which emerged in France shortly before the outbreak of World War I in 19and spread around the world in the .